• 4N6 Fanatics.com is a database which tracks the historical awards of 19,000+ records of quality performance material, including state and national qualifiers. 2015 National Qualifiers and results for many state competitions are currently being researched by our staff!  Please note that the National Forensics League (as of the 2012 Nationals) is no longer tracking titles/authors for the "supplemental" categories of Prose and Poetry.
  • More than 78,000 students and coaches are current members of 4N6 Fanatics!  Including schools in Canada and American Schools overseas!  WOW!
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  • The database is searchable by Gender, 4N6 Category, Humorous/Serious, Award History or any combination. . . Looking for a Humorous Interp for a female that has gone to Nationals in the past? A search of the database returns hundreds of options.
  • Each database record provides a synopsis of the material, full source citation and ~4,200 of the records have links to the full-text of the material on-line. Immediate access so you can begin cutting and preparing your selection right away!
  • 4N6 Fanatics is NOT a publishing company; and as such is not recognized by the NFL as an on-line script publisher.  For selections located and/or obtained through 4N6 Fanatics, coaches must obtain the original source as described in our USER'S GUIDE.  4N6 Fanatics provides complete source citations for aid in the retention of the original source
  • Level 2 Subscribers also have access to the 4N6 Fanatics Vault of Cuttings, which currently holds 1,300+ performance-ready selections, complete with introductions and full source citations.
  • Level 2 Subscribers also benefit from access to the 4N6 Fanatic Extemp Topic Generator. 100+ current events questions are added to the database each month. See the USER's GUIDE link for additional information.
  • New full-text (Level 1) and cut material (Level 2) is added regularly, with e-mail notification to subscribers.
  • The IDA Generator (IDA = Impromptu Duet Acting) randomly selects characters, settings and events for improvisational in-class practice.