• 20,000+ annotated records of award winning selections for the following 4N6 events:  DUO, HI, DI, PROSE, POETRY, DECLAMATION 
    • SEARCH by Author, Award, Title, Event, Gender, Style of Piece (i.e. Humorous/Serious) OR any combination
    • INCREASE COACHING TIME -- Students can search for material from home & spend time with you perfecting their performance abilities
    • The database contains over 3,600 out-side links to full-text selections - Perfect for students who want to cut and create their own performance piece.
  • Our unique VAULT OF CUTTINGS - These are "ready-to-perform" pieces, cut and timed for length, with introductions and source citations . . . As of 1/22/2019, the VAULT contains over 1,770 cuttings
    • Serious Duo - 205
    • Humorous Duo - 179
    • Humorous Interp - 232
    • Dramatic Interp - 332
    • Prose - 411
    • Poetry - 327
    • Declamation - 55 
    • R-rated - 31
    • Impromptu - 16 Categories with at least 50 topics per category
    • Interested in a sample cutting from the VAULT?  Just click:  SAMPLE CUTTING FROM THE VAULT  (Duo for a M/F Pair)

At $198.00, that's about 11 cents per cutting!  WOW!

  • THE EXTEMP TOPIC GENERATOR -- Tournament ready questions for both FX and DX. Updated with over 150 questions each month. 
  • The IMPROMPTU SPEECH TOPIC generator - Randomly generate 3 topics for impromptu speaking practice or tournament.  Thematic groupings are available to replicate a tournament draw round.
  • ORATORY and INFORMATIVE ideas -- We have them with links to great research-specific sites
  • FOSTER creativity with an automated IMPROV SCENE GENERATOR: randomly selects characters, settings, and activities for tournaments or in-class practice of Improvised Duet Acting
  • YOUR OWN PRIVATE VAULT -- Unlimited, secure, digital storage of your squad's cuttings. Access to your files will be available ONLY to your students - 24/7. We provide the formatting, access links and storage to enable your squad to GO PAPERLESS! 
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4N6 Fanatics is NOT a publishing company; and as such is not recognized by the NSDA as an on-line script publisher. Coaches must obtain the original source as described in our USER'S GUIDE for selections located and/or obtained through 4N6 Fanatics.  

Rules for each event category vary from state to state and also over time. Coaches/students should ALWAYS check the CURRENT event rules to ensure that selections meet CURRENT event guidelines for your tournaments. (See our USER's GUIDE for specific examples)